Мишель Монтень О наградах

Мишель Монтень

FRANCE: AR medal, 1817, 41mm silver medal by E. Gatteaux of Michel De Montaigne, bust of De Montaigne left, MICHEL DE MONTAIGNE around, engraver E. GATTEAUX below // NE’ / A MONTAIGNE / EN M. D. LXXXIII. / MORT / EN M.D.LXXXXII. / GALERIE METALLIQUE / DES GRANDS HOMMES FRANCAIS. / 1817., About Unc, RR. Part of the Galérie Métallique des Grands Hommes Français (Medals of Great French Men) series, a large series of medals produced over many years by leading medallists of the day. They were struck mainly between 1816 and 1826 although there are some issued after 1826 and as late as 1838. All the medals were produced with a portrait of the celebrated person with simple biographical information on the reverse. Normally struck in bronze, medals of this series are rare in silver and this is the first example of this type we could find offered as such.